Your Prohealthspan Team

Charles Brenner, Ph.D.,
ProHealthspan Co-Founder

Dr. Brenner, the Roy J. Carver Chair & Head of Biochemistry, Professor of Internal Medicine, and a founding Co-Director of the Obesity Research and Education Initiative at the University of Iowa, is the world's foremost authority in NAD+ metabolism. In 2004, while on faculty at Dartmouth College, he made the foundational discovery that NR is a milk-derived natural product and unanticipated vitamin precursor of NAD+ in organisms from yeast to human beings. In 35 additional publications and issued patents on NAD+, Dr. Brenner has identified previously unknown steps in NAD+ metabolism, shown that NR increases sirtuin activity and lifespan in model systems, and developed the technology to quantify the NAD+ metabolome in any cell system, including human blood. He is a former scientific advisory board member of Sirtris, Inc., a founding member of the scientific advisory board of ChromaDex, Inc., and is the founder of NRomics, LLC, a company devoted to testing for NAD+ deficiencies and the effectiveness of NR supplementation. Dr. Brenner earned his B.A. in biology from Wesleyan University and his Ph.D. in cancer biology from Stanford University.


Robert N. Fried
ProHealthspan Co-Founder

Rob Fried is an academy award winning motion picture producer and the founder of subscription video on demand service Feeln. He holds a B.S. from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from Columbia University.




Healthspan Research is pleased to be the Official Partner of ChromaDex in offering TRU NIAGEN®. ChromaDex is a leading natural products company that offers science-based solutions to nutritional supplement, food and beverage, animal health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. ChromaDex's NIAGEN® is the only commercially-available form of nicotinamide riboside (NR) and is supported by five patents (several more are pending). The company's commitment to scientific progress is rock-solid: the head of ChromaDex's Scientific Advisory Board is Dr. Roger Kornberg, a Nobel Prize-winner who is Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford Medical School.


Erin M. Swick, J.D.,
ProHealthspan Counsel

Erin is an associate in the Corporate practice division of Ackerman LLP, a leading transactions and trial law firm. Her experience includes mergers, acquisitions and private equity investments. A member of the Florida Bar Association, she earned her J.D. degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Erin also holds a M.S. degree from the University of Florida in Business Administration, and a B.S. degree from the University of Florida in psychology.